Functional strength training for future and current military delivered every week - all for just $20 per month.


Progressive Workouts (each month emphasizes a specific skill)


Effective workouts accessed through personal mobile app (track your progress)


KNOW you're ready (whether it's for boot camp, improving your fitness test, or both)

Want to be coached by a former Marine recruiter, NASM Certified Personal Trainer, and Active U.S. Marine?

SSgt Mayorga is going to share with you the training workouts specifically designed for future and current military members like you. Sharpen your training and develop the skills you need so you can improve your military performance.


I increased my pull ups by 3 and shaved 1 minute off my run time in 4 weeks of training. I feel stronger and see a real difference.

-J. Badillo, LCpl / USMC

Personal App

Track your progress and see yourself progress in your Running, Pull Ups, Push Ups, and more

How-to videos are included so you know exactly how to perform every movement


UNLIMITED Email Support

Need a spot? Questions about...

  • Training
  • Nutrition
  • Military

Ask away and I will take time to respond to your questions to ensure you're never left alone in trying to figure it out.


Defender Community

You will be a part of a community of future military who are also looking to improve.

Alpha Company train together and support each other as they complete their missions.

Once a month I will go on LIVE for training and Q&A.


How much is it?

I understand that as a future military member, you're probably not in a position to afford training. At $20 per month, it is a small investment in yourself, and makes this training possible for anyone serious about their own self improvement.

Equipment Required

Access to a gym with free weights (Barbells, dumbbells, etc.)

Planet Fitness will work, but it's not preferred as they are limited to Smith Machines

Downloading the app is required (IOS and Android)


This is not for

Those with no access to a gym (bodyweight-only option coming soon)

Those who make excuses

Those with medical conditions/injuries that prevents 100% participation

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